Saturday, October 28, 2006

Friday, October 27, 2006


Well peeps - there is essentially nothing happening on the Warriors front at present and the league Tri-nations bores me so in order to keep the blog alive lets focus on what I will be up to sport watching travel wise over the next few weeks.

Here is my sporting travelling itinerary kicking off next weekend:

4 November - Manchester United v Portsmouth at Old Trafford

18 November - All Blacks v France at Stade de France in Paris

25 November - All Blacks v Wales at Millenium Stadium in Cardiff

So should be a good few weeks, and seriously I will be posting some pics when I get my act together.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Some news

Hello to all the peeps out there

Well the NRL season is now well and truly over. Broncoes champions - reminds me of the early nineties and those Alfie Langer teams. Was a bit disappointed to see Melbourne lose after being so successful all year but I digress.

A little bit of Warriors news for the fans out there - big Logan Swann is returning to the Warriors fold on a one year contract to add depth to the back row corps after playing in England. Frankly this may be a case of swapping one Pedestrian for another but I have almost forgotten what Swann is like so we will have to wait and see what he produces.

Warriors have also upgraded the contracts of five development players seemingly in an effort to ensure they stay at the club. These guys are all currently in the Allied Workforce "elite development" team and will now form part of the first team squad. The players in question are Constantine Mika, Miguel Start, Malo Solomona, Scott Jones and Russell Packer. None of whom mean anything to me at present but we will see if any breakthrough to the first team in 2007.

And in terms of what I have been up to - I travelled to Manchester last weekend to watch Manchester United beat Newcastle at the theatre of dreams Old Trafford. Was a great time for Rach and I and if you are extra lucky I will post some pics of the big day on the blog during the offseason. However I note that Rooney's form is still in the trough and England's 2-0 loss to Croatia is just further disappointment.