Friday, January 15, 2010

Mannering injured in preseason

Well seemingly the only Warriors news so far in 2010 is the announcement today that Simon Mannering has a hamstring injury incurred in pre-season sprint training.

This does not sound like the worlds most serious injury and Mannering should be back for round 1, however this is our captain we are talking about with the dumping of Price - so the question is who is the captain in the absence of Mannering? I doubt the team can turn back to Price in these circumstances - not after all the swirling political in-fighting that surrounded his demotion. So who is the alternative?

As an aside my sources say Mannering was recently spotted at new years in Nelson, and he is described as "lean but massive" (all those who were in Nelson for new years please feel free to provide more info). Sorry no better goss than that at this stage.
Before I go let me mention the first Warriors trial game for the year - Saturday Feb 13 in Rotorua vs the Roosters at Rotorua International Stadium. I will most likely be there and you should be there too. My intention is that now I am back on home soil I can be the eyes on the ground for those who can't make it. I will have my digital camera ready for those candid moments that the team don't normally publicise.

Finally let me just say I love United but I hate the Glazers.