Thursday, August 30, 2007

Warriors in the playoffs Hooray!

Hello again - what can I say - Warriors back in the playoffs for the first time since the Anderson era. Feels good doesn't it! A win against Penrith and a top four spot with a home semi the following week - you lucky Auckland residents - better start queuing for tix at the Mad Butcher now! I officially announce that unrestrained gushing over the Warriors can begin. This team looks like they may have what it takes to go to the grand final.
Anyway I watched the highlights of the Manly game on TV3 website - you have got to love Wairangi Koopu - as I understand he has been injured for a large proportion of this season but I would have to say he is about my favourite all time Warriors player. Well maybe him and Mr Effective and Tookey.

Anyways Penrith game should be a win - if the Warriors want to go to the grand final they should consider this game a qualifying final and bag that top four spot which will give them a bye in the second week of the playoffs.

First round playoffs will likely be a tough match but a home game makes it much more likely to be a win. Keep me up to date with your texts.

Also I never heard from the Wellington Warrior re his trip to Auckland for the Manly game - did it all happen in the end bro? I recall on your last trip your airline went bust at the crucial moment and you had to buy a substitute plane ticket.

As an aside I note Andrew Johns has indicated he has been on drugs. This is a pretty strange story - first of all he manages to get busted in possession whilst in London and then goes on to admit to drug use "throughout his career" so as to escape from the high pressure as a player of his stature. It wouldn't surprise me if Johns has been on pretty heavy pain mediciation for much of the last ten years but why he would choose to make this kind of admission unprompted kind of escapes me.
Go the Warriors!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Manly at home - Game of the Year?

Well Canberra loss was a real bugger. Warriors stand on the precipice and could either storm into the playoffs or snatch another year in playoff wilderness from the jaws of top eight qualification. I think its clear that if the Warriors don't win at least one of their final two games their top eight hopes are slim to nil.

Manly at home up first and a massive game is in the offing with a sell-out crowd for the first time in what seems like eons. Its definitely winnable but I would be careful of taking this team lightly even with the controversial "resting" of five starters.

I am going to the Lake District for the long bank holiday weekend and if I can manage it will try and catch the Warriors game at 3am Sunday if the hotel has Setanta - otherwise I am reliant on my peeps to keep me up to date with the score.
Was a terrible sports weekend last week with Man U losing to Sven's rejuvenated Man City side and the Warriors losing a heartbreaker in Canberra. I watched England lose to Germany last night as well so I need some positive results to improve my mood.

By the way - Corey Haim and Corey Feldman are cool.

Those of you who attend the Manly game this week - what about dropping your thoughts on the blog when you get home afterwards. Here's a discussion topic to get you started - Whats your favourite seating area in Mt Smart to watch the game?

Saturday, August 11, 2007

trash of the titans

Another great victory for the boys over the Titans 30-6 in front of a stunning turnout at Mt Smart of over 20,000!

Nothing to complain about here with Rovelli delivering a master class performance with three tries.

Warriors now stand 4th with the balance of the round pending on Sunday. 25 points in hand with three games left, Raiders and Panthers away and the Sea Eagles at home. I think the goal now should be to win all three of these games and storm into the top four or win two with a chance for the top four. Cowboys results will be crucial as for the last few weeks it looks like they could be our playoff week 1 opposition - either home if we finish 4th or away if we finish 5th.

Anyway this season is starting to look like the real deal. Consistency is key and if we can win both our remaining two away games it bodes very well for our playoff future.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


What is this story? Crocket is some sort of alleged sex related scandal? This franchise is always psychologically fragile - this is a disaster at this stage of the season!

The story is already in circulation and Crockett has denied the allegations. Quote: "Sydney newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported that sexual assault claims had been made against an unnamed NRL player.
The Telegraph said a woman made a complaint to police in the inner city suburb of Redfern early on Monday.
It is understood the player allegedly met the woman while out with teammates, the paper said.
The pair were believed to have left the group some time before the woman went to the station to complain that she had been sexually assaulted."

This the follow up story - nothing new here - other than a new Latu brain explosion. Anyway Crockett is out of this weekend's game vs the Titans. Patrick Ah Van will play instead.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Pressure Chooker - 31 all draw with Roosters

Sounds like a great game a real thriller.

Enthusiasm levels have rarely been this high for the Warriors franchise.

Sorry for the brevity of the post - check the comments on the post below for some awesome feedback on the Roosters game. And like the wellington warriors please make an effort to go and attend the remaining home games. Despite the fantastic recent form of the boys - the season remains in the balance.