Thursday, May 22, 2008

crowd goes wild

Just a quick note this week as have been busy elsewhere - Penrith result is sickening. As noted in previous posts I don't mind losses but hate utter capitulation. This season is a right off unless Warriors win the next five straight games or something similar. Bring the young up and coming players in en masse now.

Anyway I am hung over to death after watching Man U squeek past Chelsea in Moscow. What an advertisement for the sport - a real thriller. State of Origin - for some reason I like Queensland - I guess it goes back to the Wally Lewis/Graham Lowe days and the 91 series (best ever) - if you are ever bored or waiting for a bus or flight try to name as many players as you can who took part in that series. Anyway NSW win game 1 and that is lame. But hey I could not give a toss at this moment Man U have gone and won the double.

Monday, May 12, 2008

NRL fatigue

Well I have realised 10 weeks into the season that my freeview Setanta subscription is insufficient for me to see any NRL live in the UK this season. The reason being that the games are played at like 7 or 8am in the morning and Setanta on freeview is closed down between 3am and midday. If I was on Sky digital or Virgin cable media Setanta plays 24 hours a day and you can watch NRL. What a mozzer.

Anyway to be brutally honest I have been ignoring league over the past couple of weeks - tests don't pique my interest like they used to. Champions league semi-finals and the last day of the premier league have been providing my sporting entertainment of late. And great results for Man U including a Scholes screamer to get them to the Champions league final in Moscow and last day heroics from Ryan Giggs to win the title have left me feeling pretty satisfied.

With that said the Warriors still are the vehicle for my unrealised hopes and dreams - the perpetual battlers fighting against the tide. Next up its the Panthers away. They have an identical win loss record to the Warriors but with a better defensive record for points conceded. However if I recall correctly the Warriors have not managed to win away yet this year - so thats a significant psychological barrier for them to break through. Panthers also coming off a big win against a depleted Dogs side so I would consider the Warriors to be heavy underdogs going into this one.