Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Early entrant for 2007 brain explosion of the year

It seems Sione Faumaina just has not been able to adjust to life without getting mentioned on this blog for his outlandish behaviour.

Although its slightly old news - after being axed by the Warriors for excessive alcohol induced stupidity - Sione was offered and accepted a 3 year contract offer from London Harlequins before walking out on said contract to "spend time with his family".

Subsequently even Sione's manager has called it quits with the ball playing back rower and it seems the only team in the world left willing to roll the dice on Sione is the Gold Coast Titans who are said to have proposed an "incentive based contract" .

I have to say the Titans are shaping to be a team of emotionally mal-adjusted fun boys what with the emotionally shattered Mat Rogers also part of the squad after quitting the Waratahs and Wallabies following the drug overdose of his brother. However if the Warriors could somehow sign a fullback like Mat Rogers I would not be too unhappy.

Putting that to one side the prospect of the Warriors forward pack facing up to Sione is pretty mouth watering. The only downside is the possibility that instead of imploding Sione actually checks into rehab and realises his true potential as an NRL star. Would not be the first time an underperforming ex-Warrior has flourished elsewhere.

Titans team looks passable - they have Preston Campbell and Scott Prince in the halves so won't be too shabby in that department.

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