Thursday, January 18, 2007

Daniel Anderson extends St Helens contract

Well Daniel Anderson has extended his contract with St Helens until the end of 2008. Sometimes I wonder what was so wrong with the Warriors that they let this guy go. Had he not extended with St Helens he would have been in line to coach Great Britain or would have been the most in demand club coach in the world.

He was named coach of the year in the UK Sporting Personality awards 2006 (kind of like the Halberg awards) - having coached St Helens to the Super League "treble" this year winning the Challenge Cup, minor Premiership and Grand Final. Anderson has done what most departing Warriors players do and that is flourish elsewhere. Why is this still the case?

Cleary needs to have a long hard think about this - unless there is something fundamentally different about coaching the Super League vs coaching the NRL (and maybe there is).

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Charlton said...

And someone told me today that St Helens has just won the super club challenge against the Broncos.

When will this game be held in the Southern Hemisphere?

Roosters was the last NRL team that won the super club challenge. Maybe the Aussies (and kiwis if they will ever win the NRL) are not taking it seriously enough. It is only the start of their season, while the Brits are at the champagne end of theirs.