Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Warriors consider Price contract extension

Would you beleive it some actual substantive Warriors news today. Apparently the Warriors are doing some forward planning and reviewing all their contracts and salary cap position for the 2008 season now. In particular Steve Price is looking to extend his contract - due to expire at the end of this season - for one additional year. This would mean he and Wiki both come off contract at the end of 2008 and theoretically both retire at that point in time opening up a vast salary cap opportunity in 2009 and also positional space in the forwards for new boys Russell Packer and Sam Rapira.

Sounds ok in principle provided the Warriors are disciplined enough about this opportunity to avoid over-paying for Price who is well worth a good salary but is approaching the end of his career. The Warriors may be full of enthusiasm about the season ahead (and so am I) but to my mind they need to be patient to see how Price's body holds up this season before investing a significant proportion of their 2008 cap on him. The response to this argument would be that they have watched him train all pre-season so have a good idea of how he is doing physically.

Overall I think this is a response to the salary cap breach points deduction debacle and the loss of Webb - the Warriors dare I say it may actually be planning their salary cap management a couple of seasons at a time. This has got to be good for the future of the team.

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Charlton said...

Price is not a Warrior. He's a Bulldogger. He is a great player, but you can buy two or more players with Price's salary.

Leave the captaincy to Wiki!