Thursday, September 06, 2007

Countdown to D-day

Well only 24 hours to go until the biggest game in recent Warriors history and not a single comment on the blog? Where are you Warriors fans?
Hope someone of you managed to get tix to the game - I love the quote from the Mad Butcher ("Butch") saying that he would "spit in the faces" of scalpers denying true fans the chance to attend the game. Hey mate why don't you show a bit of emotion - its almost like you don't care enough about the not.

Anyway I am pretty pumped up - both about the Warriors and that this is my last day at work for a week as we are flying out tonight to Marseilles for the All Blacks first RWC game vs Italy on Saturday.

A massive sporting weekend awaits, if I can watch the Warriors in Marseille tomorrow morning I will do so - should be 10.30am kickoff by my reckoning.
I hope all of you have a great weekend - get yourself a slab of lion red and enjoy the big games!
Go the Warrriors!


Munners said...

The Butcher is a tosser. Scalpers don't deny real fans from seeing the game, they just screw them by making them pay ridiculous amounts for the privilege.

Munners said...

Wouldn't it just be the Warriors luck to win the NRL the same year and at the same time as 90% of the country is engrossed in rugby? I suggest they throw their next couple of games so they get knocked out, so we can focus on the rugby. In exchange the NZRU could give them two or three All Blacks for next season to make sure they have an even better chance of winning the title. How about Carter at standoff (we can do with Stephen Brett in the AB's next year), Jerry Collins playing prop (or anywhere in the forwards), and Sivivatu on the wing?

Matt said...

Yeah I think this is a good point. The perverse duality of the circumstances cannot be denied. Maybe the Warriors and the All Blacks can both benefit by taking some pressure off each other? Alternatively maybe the equilibrium of the universe will be upset if the Warriors and All Blacks seek to succeed simultaneously leading to one or both teams to implode? First four weeks of the world cup should be routine for the ABs so the Warriors can bask in the spotlight of high acheivement during this period - grand final is on 30 September - ABs play Romania the day before so there will be no denying which is the bigger game if the Warriors make it. Into October the RWC will eclipse everything as the knockout matches begin.

Anonymous said...

MT it all good - I watching game give you text after. Will be slabbing myself.

I say go mad butcher you crazy ass mo fo.

Big jimmy