Sunday, July 27, 2008

Warriors turn around

Yes I have been slack on keeping the Warriors updated but if they are going to string together wins like this you can't complain too much. Big win over the Storm at Mt Smart. I actually tried to bet on the Warriors mid week to win twelve and under but the TAB won't take bets during the NZ night, so due to the time difference the bet was rejected, as risk manager closed. I forgot to go back and put it on so anyway the Warriors did win against heavy odds and that is great.

By my calculations Warriors have now won four straight games and with 22 points need at least a further six competition points to make the top eight. So thats three wins from six remaining games. Those games are Rabbitohs(a - 14th), Broncoes (h - 5th), Sharks (h - 4th), Dragons (a - 7th), Panthers (h - 6th), Eeels (a - 13th). So presuming the boys can beat the Rabs then two further wins will be needed, no real easy games and the games vs the Drags and the Panthers are crucial as those teams will be competing for the bottem end finals spots just like the Warriors.

Once again Cleary is on the verge of pulling the rabbit from the hat but I am still left wondering why this club can't perform with this kind of consistency from day 1 instead of leaving it so late.

In other team news I not Eric Watson is on the rack at the moment with the fall of Hanover. Lets hope the Warriors don't suffer any financial consequences.

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