Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Eric Watson back on the radar

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thehassel said...

Keep it on topic Matty.

Well I was impressed with the guts the warriors showed last week - makes me even more forlorn thinking of how good they could've been this season bar injuries and other setbacks.

Its kind of a good time to follow the warriors at the moment - they have a real steely resolve thats been missing for a long time, win lose or draw, its rewarding knowing that your team gave it everything they had.

The Anzac test should really be canned - in fact forget international league - it is kind of good - but maybe keep to series at year end. These one off tests don't really do it for me.

Would love to see an international club series take off. thats one way the game could really be taken global. League is a more enjoyable game than rugby, if it can be marketed in the same way as ice hockey (which is the msot similar game as far as I can tell) then the potential riches in america and europe would be huge.