Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sonny Bill Williams to play for the Warriors?

Well todays monster rumour is that discussions are underway to bring SBW back to the NRL to play for the Warriors.

This is pretty far fetched but apparently it would require paying off the Bulldogs in an amount of $1m to compensate them for the contract they still hold on SBW until 2013. Apprently Eric Watson is willing to pony up to bring SBW back.

This strikes me as bull because my guess is that SBW is using a Warriors bid as leverage with the NZRU to get them to pay big money to bring him to NZ as an All Black. SBW to the Warriors would be awesome as he is a mega-talent. But it would be a big gamble and would require mortgaging the entire salary cap in his favour. If he was injured seriously or did not perform - it could screw the club for multiple seasons.

In other Warriors news, CEO Wayne Scurrah is apparently fuming over the Titans decision to play their home game vs the Warriors this Sunday in their white away strip rather than in their home strip. The decision will mean the Warriors have to wear their black strips in super hot 1pm gametime Queensland temperatures which could lead to Warriors players over-heating. This seems like a storm in a tea cup. For one thing the home side is entitled to wear whatever they like and second the Warriors should consider having a third strip - e.g. striped black and silver - for such eventualities.


Dan said...

Agree that this is all a ploy for contract time for SBW - currently he is linked with Newcastle, Warriors, Counties ( and The NZRFU) - although would love the warriors to sign him up. Although with the salary cap this would only nseem possible if Price is let go and I think in the end he will stay for the French package - as the money is probably too good. HAving said that whilst I greatly respect his talent ( i saw him play in a Bullldogs side that got whipped by the warriors in the year he left and he was the most prominent player on the park by far) - i think the warriors are bettr off without him - but they need a ballplaying backrow forward.

Matt said...

I'd say the only way it could work for SBW to go to the Warriors is for Price to make an immediate exit. Scurrah is now denying that the Warriors would be willing to make the $1m payment that has been mentioned on the basis that the Dogs have already been compensated for the SBW walkout. Its also been mentioned that the NRL would not accept an SBW return unless he signed an agreement direct with the NRL to prevent another walkout.
Its a weird situation and frankly its a bit like those Jonah Lomu to the NFL stories - its just bull circulated by SBWs agents to up his price. I suspect he will stay in Union, maybe he would do well as an All Black?