Sunday, July 11, 2010

Awesome defensive win

Well that was a big time win for the Warriors. With the ref putting them under seemingly endless repeat sets in their own red zone for the entire second half they managed to keep Penrith out. Nice work and its one win closer to the playoffs. With this kind of form we can start thinking about finishing in the top 6.

This setup with Brown in the centres and Ropati at the back is producing some great performances and some big wins. Isaac John looks like he may have a knee injury which should hopefully be covered by Seymour's return. As for Hohaia, I don't know if he is a starter right now, even if fit.


thehoff said...

I am liking Ropati at fullback - we are going to have one hell of a side when matai, inu and mateo come in next year.

Hard to believe we have price, seymour and tate on the sidelines.

The win tonight gave me a rosey glow - yes they might not be the best team in the competition but when they can dig in like that in spite of a ref who was so biased he may as well have pulled on a penrith jumper, it makes you very very proud to be a warriors fan

Getting really caught up in things now - can't wait for next weeks game.

I too am hoping that Hohaia doesn't get back into the starting lineup - just hasn't had much spark lately...

wellington warrior said...

Yeah, Jerome has been a revelation at the back....Hohaia's dummy was his weapon of choice in the past but now every man and his dog can see it coming!
Also a shame to see Joel Moon dropped after recent weeks of solid and reliable performances. But Seymour and Tate back? Oh yeah! I'm heading up this weekend for the game...
See ya there Matty, will be great to catch up!