Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sione is off the wagon

In a shock development the Warriors have terminated Sione Faumuina's contract for just one too many alcohol related indiscretions. This one apparently at an aftermatch lounge function after the Roosters game in which Sione played no part due to a "wrist" injury. Is that an injury of the kind where the wrist can't help itself but lift lion red cans towards the mouth of the victim?

Only a few details on the final straw incident have been made public so if anyone has any nuggets of goss gleamed from their inside sources - such as anyone who was lucky enough to be in the aftermatch lounge in question during the incident - please divulge them here.

I suggested in a previous blog that the mystery wrist injury was in fact a cover story for Sione going to rehab however the apparent presence of the boozer at the Roosters game kind of debunks that theory. Who will take up the challenge of taming this wild man - Manly?

In addition there are rumours in the UK press as well as the Aussie press that following the dumping of Ricky Stewart by the Roosters that Daniel Anderson will be taking up the job after having taken St Helens to the absolute pinnacle of UK league winning everything there is to win and doing so in a dominating style.

And in a final note the Warriors have extended Cleary's contract as coach of the Warriors till the end of 2008. Well done to the management on that one looks like a good choice.

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