Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Brain Explosion of the Year - Faumuina?

Well I thought Latu had run away with the title having been sentenced to Jail, having the sentence reduced to community service then flying out to the UK and signing with a new club without having completed such sentence and having a further warrant issued for his arrest. That people, is evidence not of a brain explosion, it is evidence of brain damage.

Anyway Faumuina has come from nowhere and emerged as new contender for the title with an apparently shocking drunken performance at the Guttenbeil testimonial luncheon of all occassions. The incident included swearing at his coach Cleary and club captain Wiki.

Interestingly despite supposedly successful crisis talks with Sione to resolve his apparent desire to leave the club to play in Australia the Warriors are now reporting that he is out for the rest of the season with broken wrist? Is this a lame cover story for Sione going into rehab?

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