Friday, September 22, 2006

Brain explosion frenzy

I love reading the NZ press I can't beleive what is happening at home. National and Labour sex scandals would be awesome, if only the thought of any of the protaganists actually having sex wasn't so horribly foul.

Anyway the real gold is the fact that now the warriors season is over the general public are picking up the mantel and having chronic brain explosions of their own, in fact the competition is close for brain explosion of the week, but I think the winner is the Christchurch chronic gambler turned repeat armed robber whose lawyer actually described his offending in court as the consequences of a quote "brain explosion". Brilliant.

However the close runner up is Clint Brown - so drunk in Taupo of all places that he managed to get beaten to within an inch of his life and lose his job.

If those in NZ have input on the playoffs that would be good I see Brisbane have qualified and St G are favourites going into a semi final with Melbourne. I had thought Melbourne were running away with the title but apparently St G are favourites - I guess their form has been pretty good lately then? I am so far away from knowing at the moment it is really poor form on my part. I have been stuck in the office for far too long with no time for internet surfing.

Seems like a long time till the NRL 2007 kicks off but I will try and keep the blog alive over the extremely long off season. Warriors off season news should start kicking in around new year.

Comments always appreciated and idle premiership chit chat is also worth a shot.

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