Thursday, September 28, 2006

End of season mode

Hello All

Well what can I say, nothing to report on the Warriors front. Months of offseason stretching out in front of us.

Warriors had their end of season do and Rovelli won Rookie of the year and Price player of the year. Seems like fair results to me although Cleary looks to have gained a bit of weight in the photo to the right.

Of course there is the NRL grand final and Melbourne and the Broncoes are to face off in an NSW free final. I can never get too excited about these games when the Warriors are all over the for the year but it is a big sporting occassion and if anyone has thoughts please feel free to put them down here.

League tri-nations is coming up - kiwi squad has been named - but I have trouble getting enthusiastic about it.

And of course Harbour won the Ranfurly sheild, I look forward to seeing them defend it for longer than 1 game.

Also I hear Lowe was seriously in the running for the Sharks job but got passed up for Ricky Stuart. That decision seems like a no-brainer for the Sharks, do you really want to appoint captain insano to run your franchise?

Anyway you lucky people in NZ are heading to Spring now so that must be nice for you.

I am having fun fun fun at work as per usual. Big news for the peeps is the upcoming 10km run in Amsterdam that I have somehow signed up for. The training has been average at best to date and only two weeks to go till the big day, Sunday 15 October 2006.

Also a date to watch out for is judgement day for double JJ - 11 November 2006 - when James James"Judgement Day" Dellow will step into the ring to box for real against ..............another accountant yet to be announced. Check out the JD training blog for awesome progress pictures.

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