Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Post-RWC season overview and objective reflection

Hello people, I know it has been a while but I thought it was probably the right time to deliver a quick re-cap on the Warriors season. The All Blacks debacle just goes to show how fun it is to support a team like the Warriors, low expectations are a wonderful thing.

A Storm v Manly grand final was to my mind a fair representation of the NRL season 2007 with those two teams a step ahead of the chasing pack for the whole year.

Finishing fourth in a very even and tough 2007 NRL season is great acheivement by the Warriors, in fact placing Cleary Year II in elite company in respect of all-time Warriors seasons, with the second highest regular season premiership finish ever - behind only the 2002 golden team and a healthy fourth in all-time win percentage:

Year Coach Owner CEO W L D Win % Table Playoffs
1995 Monie ARL Robson 13 9 0 59.09% 10th* none (*2 point deduction for 14 players on field)
1996 Monie ARL Robson 10 11 1 45.45% 11th none
1997 Monie/Endacott ARL MacGowan 7 11 0 38.89% 7th none(SL)
1998 Graham Tainui+Lowe McKewen 9 15 0 37.50% 15th none
1999 Graham Tainui+Lowe McKewen 10 14 0 41.67% 11th none
2000 Graham Tainui/Watson McKewen 8 16 2 30.77% 13th none
2001 Anderson Watson Watson 12 12 2 46.15% 8th qualifying final
2002 Anderson Watson Watson 17 7 0 70.83% 1st grand final
2003 Anderson Watson Watson 15 9 0 62.50% 6th semi-final
2004 Anderson/Kemp Watson Watson 6 18 0 25.00% 14th none
2005 Kemp Watson Watson 10 14 0 41.67% 11th none
2006 Cleary Watson Scurrah 12 12 0 50.00% 10th* none (*4pt deduction - salary cap breach )
2007 Cleary Watson Scurrah 13 10 1 54.17% 4th - qualifying final and semi-final

So overall you have to be pretty happy with Cleary - he has this team on a positive track upward. Its a pretty fine margin between greatness and mediocrity - the margin vs Eels in the home semi only two points (same as ABs losing margin v France). Losing a home playoff game is pretty grim considering they come along once in a blue moon at this franchise but hey - its a lot better than waiting four years to be knocked out at the first elimination stage.

Clearly looks to be slowly building a team that can contend - next year could be the last for Price - so lets hope they can make the most of it.

Cardiff is now but a dim memory in my new and improved positive outlook on the months ahead - bring on Cleary Year III.

Season tickets are already on sale - get yours now!

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