Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Don't you think it is interesting how sometimes it is more interesting to think about things and anticipate them than to actually do them? Like for example isn't it more interesting to talk about playing Monopoly or Table tennis against your mates than to actually play those games?

Or to put it in context isn't it likely to more in large part more interesting to anticipate Man U v Arsenal than to watch Man U v Arsenal? Well I anticipate its going to be stunning game but that may not be the case and right now I am able to imagine an infinite variety of matchups and events that the actual team lists and the reality of the game and conditions will no doubt displace.

Anyway a massive game coming this UK saturday morning, with a 12.45pm kickoff time I may have to lever myself into the pub no later than midday Saturday, oh the hardship.

A quick wrap on the other sports interesting me at present:


Massive game in the NFL this week - kindof a mini-super bowl with the hot as fuck unbeaten New Patriots vs the super bowl champion and also unbeaten Indianapolis Colts this Sunday. Peyton Manning(Colts QB) is probably the best player of his generation chased closely by Tom Brady (Patriots QB) so a close one is in store. For a few years past the Patriots had a habit of knocking Indy out of the playoffs every year and Peyton and the Colts were accused of having big game-itis second only to the All Blacks.

Anyway Indy won the Superbowl last year so maybe Peyton and posse are over that but certainly a massive game in store.


A brand new season started yesterday so a world of possibililty awaits, will the big combo in Boston be able to deliver? My opinion, no, they won't, each of Garnett, Allen and Pierce are individually stunning players but all are too old and too used to losing to put it together. I predict a series of serious injuries leading to a cold towel to the lottery for Boston.

My love goes to Lebron, go and get it this year bro. Spurs have got to be too old this year - I have been saying that for about five years now - does Duncan not age?

Anyway I reckon Houston v Cavs in the finals, Cavs in seven.

We out, Bring on Cleary Year III

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Munners said...

Playing Monopoly is not that much fun, but then you can't really enjoy trash talking about it either? "I'm gonna hotel up so big and bad that you're gonna want to go live in jail mofo!".

Table tennis is more fun to play than talk about as well... unless you lose.