Monday, November 05, 2007

Police battle lawyers in Pakistan

Oops sorry thats an actual news headline and not some oddball attempt to be funny.

Anyway fantastic match Man U v Arsenal, a draw was the only fair result and 2-2 is plenty of excitement for all the fans concerned. I watched at the Clapham North pub and was impressed with the local rastas dancing for the Arsenal goals as well as the rabid Man U supporters who must have thought they were at old trafford what with the songs and chanting.

We are headed to Old Trafford this coming Sunday for Man U v Blackburn so I will give you a full match report and some pics on that in due course.

In the NFL the Patriots squeezed out the Colts 24-20 in a superbowl preview.

As for the Kiwis I don't think they even deserve a mention. I have accepted the fact that international rugby league is a joke, its about time everyone else did as well. Willie Mason is a nutjob and the Warriors should not sign him no matter how cheap he gets.....Yours please...

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