Friday, March 28, 2008

NZ organised crime

Bit of tangent from the warriors I know but check out this article about organised crime in NZ from Christchurch (I know lame city what can I do about it).

Frankly what bothers me about this is there is so little doubt about who is running hard drug distribution in NZ. It is the headhunters at the top with the others gangs working for them nationally. I would suggest, that the government knows exactly who the top people are in these gangs. And to put it bluntly due process does not concern me. I would recommend raiding and then bulldozing their headquarters on mass at 5am nationally and then arrest all the top membership.

The only reason I can see that the perpetrators are not arrested when the police know who they are is that there is enough money involved to prevent real enforcement. If I were an officer in west auckland earning $30k and I am making $30+k on the side from being relaxed about p distribution the economics are simple. Someone needs to make a stand and its not going to be me but its needs to happen now.

My proposal is this - Bring p possession in anything above 1g up to a 2 year mandatory prison sentence. You then give all gangs 48 hours to surrender in amnesty all drug stocks and precurser stocks and surrender all guns and then you raid all the headquarters and tinny houses nationally at the same unannounced time.
We have to do it now before it is too late.

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thehoff said...

firstly its "en masse" not "on mass".

secondly, justice in nz is a pile of shit, we are just not rich enough to actually jail people for the length of time they deserve.