Monday, March 31, 2008

Ugly - its a Manly rout!

Well last time I could bear to look the score was 48-6 to Manly. This is not the type of scoreline any of us want to see and it always brings on the chills associated with the dark era of Warriors history when such scorelines were all too common.

Your thoughts on what went wrong would be appreciated.


John said...

It does sound ugly! But not having seen the match (I don't have Pay TV) I can't really comment. However, Ivan Cleary sounded completely nonplussed in the Sydney Morning Herald report and Ruben Wiki probably summed things up - "We didn't turn up". Very disappointing after last week's effort!
Anyway, thanks for the blog and sharing your thoughts. I'm an older fan, a life-long supporter of the North Sydney Bears who now (because of NZ family connections) barracks for the Warriors in the NRL.

Matt said...

Thanks John, I didn't have the pleasure of seeing the game either as Setanta only show two games a weekend, one of them first thing Friday morning. I have real doubts about Wiki - he may be past it. Glad to see you are reading the blog. That North Sydney-Manly merger never worked out did it?

John said...

That merger was never going to work. The whole sorry business of Norths' demise has left a very sour taste. But, they still live a 'half-life' in the NSW Cup and we can always hope.
Wiki is getting on but I think he still has something and his experience is valuable. Let's hope they turn things around this weekend. The loss of Mckinnon and Price though is pretty hard.

thehoff said...

matty you really notice the absence of price. we actually started that game very well, defending strongly even after after some iffy penalties by the crap ref. however, the boys started making a few mistakes and there was no leader banging heads saying cmon boys no mistakes lets get to the other end and complete our sets. so after a bit of having to defend and defend and defend, the boys were absolutely stuffed and it all went downhill from there. it was painful to watch and i stopped while manly had less than 30 points on the board. some better leadership would have come in handy. wiki has not stepped up, he is barely doing the business on the pitch, (tuimavave and rapira loooking stronger) and where it most counts, leadership, he is sorely missing. hurry back price.