Saturday, February 14, 2009

Season preview

Well the Warriors have had an excellent win in their first trial down in Hamiltron vs the Storm

The win included a big contribution from many players young and old including Warriors legend Stacey Jones.

This season could well be a good one and if Cleary can harness the emotion swirling around this team and direct it into their play they could be an unstoppable force. With that said psychological fragility is the Warriors calling card and added emotional weight may hurt rather than help. So the question may be one of which will implode first, the Warriors season or the world financial system. I really hope the team can keep it together and deliver what we all know they are capable of. 

My hopes are for a top four finish with a definite home semi first up.

Also good news  to see Mannering has extended his contract until 2012, he is a great example of the Warriors bringing local young talent through. I have to say when I saw the headline "Mannering resigns with Warriors" I thought it meant he was quitting the team - but fortunately thats not the case. 


simon said...

Yes, an utterly sad and tragic start to the season for a squad that looks the goods this year.
As Matt has intimated, historically its the top two inches that lets the warriors down. However this season, as in their previous most successful one, they are led by an experienced and inspirational forward, teamed with what the 'little general' has to offer(either on or off the field). Its for this reason, along with now possessing the most potent back 3 we've ever had, that Im the most confident I have ever been about an NRL title.
Its top 3 finish prediction at the very least from Wellington Warrior. Main dangers look to be the Wayne Bennett coached Dragons and last years successful young Raiders....

grizzly bear said...

I agree about the re-signing of Simon Mannering, a very good young player with the potential (I think) for greatness. And he is loyal to his roots, something sadly missing from rugby league today.