Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sonny Fai Memorial Season

I have had difficulty knowing how to deal with the loss of Sonny Fai on this blog. 

It is an unmitigated tradgedy for someone so young and with such potential to be lost like this. I can assure you that even for those of us living outside NZ hearing the news and letting it sink in has been deeply upsetting. The team will carry his memory with them forever.

This is now the Sonny Fai Memorial Season and the Warriors will do him proud this year.


Warrior Fan said...

Thats right Matt.

It's gonna be a hugely emotional season for the Warriors.
No doubt there will be tears shed by players and fans alike come opening night against the Eels.
The boys will be so pumped in that tunnell running out and for sure they'll be thinking about Sonny.
The Rabbitohs game too on the 5th April will be dedicated to Sonny.

43 day on, I and many others are still struggling to come to terms with the tragic loss.

Heres a blog written by a 10 year old fan which goes to show how this touched many people of all ages & ethnicities.

grizzly bear said...

Yes, it's a great tragedy and you are right, words are never adequate to express such a loss. He was a talented player and by all accounts a fine young man.

smees1 said...

O man I am so overwhelmed i see the photos, videos, blogs and all i can do is weep... forever Sonny Fai Go Warriors 09 - loyal fan since 95 have supporters tee from day 1 love smeepea