Saturday, May 29, 2010

New look Warriors side next year

Well that loss to the Tigers was so bad I am going to pretend that it didn't happen. Seymour's injury is apparently not serious (knee bruise) so hopefully next week we will have Maloney and Seymour both starting and we need the direction. We also need Vatuvei back pretty desperately to add some strike power.

I don't think this season is a total write off yet but its starting to look like the end of an era at the Warriors. Price will be retired next season. Wade Mac has been sold. Tate is unlikely to re-sign with the Warriors as he wants to go back to Queensland.

This article discusses what kind of a hole this leaves in the Warriors team. In fact with the acquisition of Inu and Mateo - the Warriors have adequate cover at centre, prop and fullback.

So what to do with the gaping space in our salary cap. Acquire a megastar seems to be the undercurrent - a game breaking hooker for example. The fact the Storm are going to have to carry out a dramatic financial restructure means there may be some mega talent on the market and the Warriors are one of the few teams with the legitimate cap space (there will be more scrutiny next year after the Storm experience) to spend big. Names being suggested include Inglis and Cam Smith.

This article from the SMH touches on the same issues - with Melbourne Storm hardman Brett White being the name in the frame for the Warriors.

In addition apparently Price's heel situation continues to be so bad he is seeking second medical opinions from overseas specialists in a last ditch attempt to get on the field this year.

So what could a 2011 Warriors side look like - presuming no injuries. Lets start by assuming that they sign no one further.

1. Hohaia
2. Vatuvei
3. Ropati
4. Locke
5. Inu
6. Maloney
7. Seymour
8. Rapira
9. Packer
10. Heremaia
12. Mateo
13. Luck
14. Lillyman
15. Henderson
16. Ta'ai
17. Brown

And we actually have even more depth beyond this already. With the addition of a $400k plus megastar (Cam Smith anybody?) - this team could have serious potential in 2011 if it stays healthy.


The Hoff said...

Locke at centre?? are you serious? if it was me - I'd make Inglis an offer he can't refuse. The rest of hte team looks solid enough but we need a decent centre.

Matt said...

Yeah well the wing/centre combinations are in fact pretty interchangeable. Outside of Vatuvei who is locked in at wing - Ropati, Locke, Inu could be used interchangeably. I would be very happy to see Inglis signed. I want them to sign the Cleary-type fullback of the modern era, but I can't figure out who that it is. I want someone who is a 90% goalkicker and solid as at fullback without being flashy at all. Someone who can be the brain stem of the side.

hoff said...

naw I'd say the team looks pretty good as it is. If we get another fullback - hohaia has no place - we have two hookers and plenty of cover in the halves. Other option is to push inu to fullback and get rid of henderson as hooker off the bench.

Brent tate has been solid but not spectacular - I would love to see a strengthening of the centres - I have never been convinced about ropati - we seem to have a dearth of centres at the warriors who continually make errors at crucial times.

Please don't sign toopi from the gold coast cleary.

so yeah - inglis must be ripe for the picking - I will buy a season ticket next year if we sign him because in that case I think we will have a premiership contending side.

Dan said...

Hmmmm - this team was talent - i also think lillyman should go - always injured and does not seem to give any strike power (and what to do with Moon - let him go too? - would like to see more strength in the centres - starting to like ropati though