Thursday, June 03, 2010

Dragons are a scary prospect

I am very worried about the Warriors prospects this weekend. Seymour will not be playing and will be out another 4 weeks with a minor fracture. This means we will be starting Maloney and Isaac John in the halves up against the best team in the competition. This is far from ideal.

On the flip side Mannering, Luck and Vatuvei will all start. This should give us some hope.

Considering the pulverisation the team received last week at the hands of the Tigers I am keeping my expectations extremely low.

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michael knight said...

good move on the expectations front.

I have already written off this year - not really investing any emotional capital in the games - enjoy watching the other nrl games in the weekend just as much.

Dont know what we can do to arrest this slide - a good side is one that plays tough game in game out. This side has no heart - when you start losing by 50 and winning by 50 - you have a bipolar team. Bipolar teams typically finish 12th or below.

Just the facts...