Thursday, May 25, 2006

Game of the Year

Although I did not have the pleasure of watching this game it seems that this could be one of those moments that will either sustain me through another season of mediocrity or actually mark something of a turning point for Cleary Year 1.

Warriors 34 - Tigers 12

Full match report:

Mannering putting in another solid performance and the boys seem to have basically hammered the opposition into submission with gang tackles and bruising defence. While smaller faster players are clearly becoming far more dominant in the NRL than they have been recently their small bodies do tend to break a lot easier when crushed by a large Warriors forward pack. It even seems that Guttenbeil "The Pedestrian" is actually playing well for a change. Rugby League Week even named him to team of the week. What a team that must be. I do not miss those hitups of his and would not be unhappy if he got the axe. Let me know your thoughts on this.

Overall I am delighted to see the Warriors deliver something on what we have to beleive is their untapped potential but they will need to win a significant number more in a row to have any shot at the top eight.

Price back in the squad this week - sharks disrupted by the Brain explosion of the year (see next post) - one has to have hope that the boys can pull out another win at Shark Park.


wellington warrior said...

Would just like to say first of all,well done matty j for getting us up and running here!
I have been following the season thus far with the usual wide eyed optimism of a small child wondering what they're getting for christmas. It seems that something good is always promising to turn up but so far we've only gotten tube socks and hankies from nana.
The handicap of 4 points at the start of the season was a blow but certainly not panic stations. The factor that has worried me the most is the inability to get up and win the close ones. That is what usually makes the difference between a top eight season and a disaster. At the moment i can only put it down to inconsistency in defence. For 70-75 minutes a game the tackling and organisation is stable, but for small patches (brain explosions if you will!) the line is paper thin. This allows the opposition either back in the match or to take control. Intensity for the full eighty is what we need.
In saying that-'game of the year'.Last week the warriors blew the reigning prems off the park. The major difference i noted here was a greater urgency from the defensive line. They were rushing up like never before, shutting down the tigers playmakers and forcing errors which were turned into points.
I find it puzzling that this occurs in the absence of Steven Price (although he so far he is in my 3 horse race for 'player of the year'). This game plan is perhaps what also accounted for andrew johns and newcastle. Do the warriors need to be playing a superstar like johns or benji marshall before they consider a smothering d? We need it week in-week out, and it will be this only that will see off the sharks.
On attack they found huge holes up the middle of the ruck for the brilliant brent webb to exploit (candidate no.2 for p.o.y). This is a tactic that plays to the warriors strengths, and if teams commit more defence to shutting it down we will find more holes out wide. At the very least we are making 10m per play the ball! More of the same boys and that little kid will soon have what looks like a playstation3 wrapped up under the tree......JACKPOT!!!
The Wellington Warrior
P.S-candidate 3 for player of year is of course the inspirational ruben wiki.(probly actually has his neck in front)

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