Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Clinton Toopi is leaving the Warriors at the end of the 2006 season to take up a contract with Leeds in the UK.

This is a pretty sad turn of events for yet another player who once shone at the Warriors but seems to have lost form lately. There was a breif moment in time when Toopi was considered if not the best, one of the best centres in the NRL.

As per usual Toops is not the only player heading for the exit door this year, several others including Webb and the Pedestrian are in negotiations.

In fact all this player turnover is really starting to get inside Cleary's head:


Hamiltd said...

All I can say is thank Christ for that - while there is no denying that Toopi - when confident is a fantastic player - just ask peachy in the semifinal from a few years ago - the last few years he has done nothing special - apart from we manage to beat the Aussies - I think the whole best centre thing got to him and he sarted to believe the hype - look at those fany hairdos etc

matt said...

I agree with your sentiment - Toopi showed flashes of brilliance but I think lately he has become one of those guys who thinks they are playing in the NBA living the high life rather than grafting at the Warriors. Him and the Hotstepper did add a bit of excitement and character to the warriors though- I am worried that without them in the squad all we are left with is inexperienced rookies and bland journeymen.

Anonymous said...
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