Thursday, May 25, 2006

Warriors season recap

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Let me temporarily put the stunning ("best of performance of the year") win over the Tigers aside and recap my views on the whole season so far - what some are calling Cleary Year 1:

Now that I am resident in London I wistfully log on to the internet when I wake up the day after each Warriors' game and let out seemingly the same sigh of disappointment each week. Why are they so bad? I see that Toopi has been dropped and that Mannering managed to score another try in his start against the Dragons. So this seems to bode well for the future - do they have Mannering on a long term deal? Can't say I was lying awake hoping they would extend Tony Martin and Rovelli but they seem to have done so anyway. As long as it is all part of the master plan I am ok with it.

Price is playing origin and I can't decide whether this is good or bad. Surely good that he continues to play at such a high level but at his age can his body really cope with origin duty? Whether Queensland win or lose (update: they lost) it will be the warriors who are left trying to heal his broken body while they continue to pay his exorbitant wages.

Finally if I allow myself to accept that this season is yet another lost cause for the warriors is there any hope for the future - are all these rookies Cleary is pulling out actually showing any signs that they can play at a top 8 level without their brains exploding?

A friend of mine - we shall call him Paul recently had this to say about the Warriors season (pre-Tigers blowout):

"this warriors team is the worst I have ever seen. sure they have been bad in the past but at least they would occassionally score freaky deaky tries and pull off amazing come from behind wins. Those days are gone. they are so boring. Not one player has any x factor. I think Cleary may become a good coach but the players he is choosing from make his task almost impossible. Rovelli looks a better half back option from Fein but then that wouldn't be hard. rovelli has just been signed for an extra 3 years. Toopi may finally have brain exploded himself right out of the warriors squad he is dropped this game and apparently is considering offers from england. mannering looks solid but not spectacular. still he's only about 19. the only hope for the warriors is if they find a miracle player from barter card or something. depressing isn't it."

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Anonymous said...

Just to update - Mannering is on a deal until 2009 - as reported by Radio NZ in April 2006:

"Winger Manu Vatuvei and utility Simon MannerIng have signed with the Warriors until the end of the 2009 National Rugby League season.

Coach Ivan Cleary says it's a huge boost to secure two of the club's most talented youngsters as they want to keep as many such players in New Zealand as they can.

Vatuvei -- who's 20 -- hasn't played for the last three matches and his hamstring injury will keep him off the field till the round 10 match against the Dragons.

Mannering -- who's 19 -- and can play in the centres or backrow has been out of action with a stress fracture in his leg but has just started playing in the Bartercard Cup as he builds up for a return to the NRL."

Anonymous said...

While we are on the subject of Mannering lets not forget his finest hour at the club to date:,2106,3485065a5620,00.html

and check out this post from 23 November 2005

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