Thursday, June 08, 2006

Latu sentenced to jail

In a relatively shocking development Latu has been sentenced to 8 months jailtime for his foolhardy violent assault on a 19 year old woman in a Cronulla service station which has already seen him sacked from the Sharks and banned from the NRL. His sentence includes provision that he serve a minimum six months without parole.

Well that has to be about the harshest penalty handed out in history to a drunken sportsman for alcohol related assault. A few weeks ago I reported here on Latu's brain explosion of the year and having been given a sentence as harsh as this I think the rest of the NRL is going to have a hard time topping this one for this years brain explosion title.

This is a sad and pathetic story - here are the facts as stated in the courtroom:

"The court heard that, at 3.30am on Monday, May 22, Latu had gone to a BP garage at Kingsway, Cronulla, with some friends after attending a nightclub known as the 2230.
Ms Peninton had also been at the nightclub with a group of friends and had travelled to the service station.
Latu had been eating a bag of chips and was talking to a girlfriend of Ms Peninton who was sitting in a car, when Ms Peninton approached Latu and tried to engage him in a conversation.
A statement of police facts tendered to the court said that, when Latu ignored her, she said to him: "Well I was just trying to introduce myself ... I am not a groupie."
Latu continued to ignore her and threw a chip at her and then more chips into her friend's vehicle.
Ms Peninton had berated him for throwing chips into the vehicle, saying "you are just being a little shit".
Mr Clugston said that, according to the police evidence, Ms Peninton tried to remove the bag of chips from Latu's hands and in doing so, came into contact with his face.
Latu, who had the case brought forward to the court a week ahead of schedule, then punched her in the face causing her to fall onto her back and hit her head against a brick wall.
Mr Clugston said Ms Peninton lost two false fingernails and suffered a fractured nose as a result of the blow."

Latu - you are going to jail and will live in infamy for ever in NRL circles over a bag of chips.


James D said...

Should of taken her out first - acting like a school boy.


Nice blog page.

the hoff said...

the warriors have lost my faith - good on ya matty for still following em from half a world away