Thursday, May 03, 2007


A good opportunity for a further home win this week for the Warriors v Sharks on Saturday, the Warriors are unbeaten at home so far this year and some of the Sharkies are surely going to be tired after playing Monday and then five players backing up from City v Country mid-week. McKinnon's out which is a point for concern but lets hope for a thrashing. Sharks are sitting eighth in the table with three wins - having beaten only the Raiders, Dragons and Penrith. These are junk wins so it will be interesting to see how Ricky Stuart's tired Sharks side deal with a real opponent and in particular the Warriors pack.

Its a Saturday night game (kickoff 7.30pm) so those of you in Auckland - don't stay home and watch the game on Sky1- get on down to Mt Smart and drink a warm over-priced beer out of a plastic cup and cheer the boys on in person.
And yes I did watch Man U get crushed by AC Milan in the Champions League second leg semi-final last night so the treble dream is over. As long as Chelsea don't win the premiership I think I will be able to cope. And I am due to travel to Milan this bank holiday weekend so its all ok.

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Munners said...

I'm surprised you can get out of bed after Man U's performance last night. They just didn't turn up. There is a lesson in there for the Warriors though - once you are in the lead you have got to focus on defence.

It's a shame really - I would have liked to see Liverpool stuff them in the final.