Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Well this post is mainly just a placeholder to mark the fact that I am aware of the Warriors spiralling fortunes and that although I am upset about it I can bear to talk about it.

A ray of hope with the signing of Tate from Brisbane - if it works out he could be a really big contributer. On the other hand at 25 he has already had a serious back injury and thats a big problem for an NRL player going forward, the real reason he is coming to the Warriors may not be the "lifestyle" but may in fact be that the Warriors are most willing to pay up big and suck up the risk of his back limiting his playing time.

Vatuvei is in the dog house this week and fair enough.

On a lighter note I went to Lagos, Nigeria last week. Was a real eye opener. Got back on Friday morning and after another day at the office went to Oslo, Norway for the long bank holiday weekend. The two places could not be further apart - although they both have massive oil wealth.

Anyway the doomsday countdown suggests the Warriors season is over, I hope this is not the case - although I am thinking they need 10 wins to make it into eighth, 9 wins may be enough, but even then they need to win 9 of 14 remaining games - thats a 64% win ratio. Those of you who have followed the Warriors for a while no this team has only won more than 50% of its games in three seasons in their previous 12 year history (1995, 2002 and 2003). So I'm not holding my breath.

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