Friday, May 11, 2007


Warriors face the Knights tomorrow at a presumably antagonistic Energy Australia Stadium in Newcastle. Cleary is frankly lucky that he has held onto his table position - which due to the bye is making this season look better than it really is - had things been different the Warriors could have spent this week in 10th. Cleary has this team on the cusp of either bottom top eight worthieness or another wasted season. And frankly I don't blame Cleary - I think he is clever and able - but its a pyschological battlefield out there at Warriors training and in particular in the changing sheds before they run out on the field. God knows how to coach this club to get the best out of them.

By the way I note Lowe's columns have resumed in the Herald, and they continue to haunt me. I originally passed on the opportunity mock Lowe's analogy between rugby league and.....the first Gulf War - however now I can't help it anymore - do you read the f$$cking paper Graham or watch TV for that matter- is this analogy good taste - is Stormin Normin Swartzkopf still a hero to you in hindsight - what happened to your brain while you were on that surgery table......and on and on.

Enjoy the weekend of games, I see as of Friday nights games the Sharks have beaten the Broncoes and Manly continue their very successful season (Minor Prems in waiting?) with a further win over the Eels. Warriors need a win to stay with the top 8 - go out and get it.

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