Monday, June 04, 2007

How do you solve a problem like the Warriors?

It seems the outcome of the Warriors v Dogs match was certainly predetermined by the sending off after 4 minutes of winger Crockett. However there is a simple way to avoid this kind of thing - don't commit stupid violent swinging arm fouls in the early stages of a crucial home game with your season on the line.

This might seem a bit harsh but I've seen the replay - the victim Cameron Phelps was unconcious and vomiting for 30 minutes after being stretchered off the field - this didn't happen by accident - i.e he slipped and fell headfirst into my aggressively swinging closeline arm. The Warriors need to take responsibility for their own fate. They are the masters of their own destiny - pick it up guys. The playoffs are still a mathematical possibility - chase that possibility before it slips away.
Team NZ are flying the flag for NZ sporting hopes and dreams at the moment - lets hope they don't blow it.

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