Friday, June 01, 2007

Lebron James

Well this post isn't even going to pretend to be about the Warriors. Its about Lebron James who yesterday single handedly led his NBA team to within one win of the NBA finals. He is 22 years old.

Lebron scored 48 points including the game winning basket in Double Overtime to defeat Detroit in game 5 of the 7 game eastern conference finals series.

This performance is already being labeled the greatest single game playoff performance in NBA history.

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Munners said...

Mr James is proving to the world that he is still a couple of steps away from being a legend in world sport. Today he shot something like 9 of 23, including 0 for 5 from the arc... and that is meant to be his best game of the series. There are claims being made that Cleveland are the worst team to ever make the finals... unlikely if he was truly a legend.

At least there will probably only be one more miserable instalment in this less-than-notable season.