Monday, June 25, 2007

Back in London

Well my apologies for letting the blog slip a little, the combination of a shocking Warriors run and a very busy time for Rachel and I has meant that my attention has been elsewhere in recent weeks.

To quickly recap in the last weeks we have visited Barcelona, I went to Budapest with my work, we went to Corfu for a few days with Rach's dad and then rushed back to London to board a coach to Glastonbury. We returned from Glastonbury, this Monday morning at 7.30am. Its been a great few weeks but very full on and I fortunately have today off to rest and recover. Poor Rach has had to head off to work. Glastonbury was fun, but ultimately marred by shocking wet weather which is now flooding significant portions of the UK and closing various highways.

Anyway enough about me and on with the Warriors. A couple of recent wins, including an impressive thrashing of the Panthers have seen the boys climb a few spots in the table to 9th and only outside the eighth slot on points differential. So with ten rounds left, if we say the Warriors need 28 or 30 points to make the playoffs, that means they need to win at least a further 7 games and ideally 8 games. The eveness of the competition could mean the threshold for the playoffs is lower than in recent years however I think you will find this is realistically about where the cutoff will shake out.

Titans next up for the Warriors away at Carrara. The Titans are riding high at 4th in the table. This could be a tough match but very much a game the Warriors need to win, particularly as the Warriors will meet the Titans again in Round 22.

All the best and great to see the All Blacks win and Team NZ back in the saddle against Alinghi - lets hope they can keep it up!

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