Sunday, April 13, 2008

Massive win over dogs - you just know that something good is going to happen

Man bring on the Vatuvei cost benefit analysis - great win over the Dogs - this is the yo yo of Warriors fandom at its best. Into the top eight. Lets shoot for a perfect home record.


Dan said...

Yeah especially as we both wrote them off last week! - am convinced that this team should be there or thereabouts for a top 6-8 - but nothing beyond that I am afraid. I do not like there chances this week against the cowboys - whats your take on Michael Crockett charges

Matt said...

Thanks for your comments Dan - I think its ok for us to bag the Warriors only to shock us with a good performance - its just fair payback for high expectations that inevitably get dashed- however I do note that in my darker more paranoid moments I begin to worry that you are the only person who reads this blog. If anyone else is out there why not post your thoughts too?
As for Crockett one could be forgiven for thinking that all league players are drunken sexual deviants - I don't know the sordid details of Crockets misadventures but the fact that he has been charged suggets there may be something in the allegations. Cleary seems to have dropped him for the time being anyway so we can all pretend he doesn't exist. I did a google news search on him and the headline "Crockett remains in Cleary's pocket" came up. Something about that rhyme really appeals to me - or maybe its the aliteration.