Friday, April 11, 2008

Doggies and Ridge vs Wiki

Friday again thank goodness for that. Another riveting week at work flys by leading to another exciting weekend of sporting action.

Man U v Arsenal on Saturday is the big prem game of the week and with Arsenal out of the champions league at the hands of Liverpool mid-week (great game by the way shown on free to air TV here in prime time Tuesday night) this game is even more massive than usual as an Arsenal loss is basically their season over. Man U cruised past Roma and look set to have a real crack at the double .

As for the boys they face up to what will no doubt be a Doggies side desperate to redeem themselves after a Mason pounding. SBW is going to be dangerous and I have my doubts about the Warriors capacity to win this one. Lets hope they can. Only a couple more weeks till Price returns and hopefully gets the season back on track. I thinks its clear however that the Warriors are going to struggle to be top four material unless they improve significantly.

Also enjoyable this week was the minor Wiki vs Ridge spat. With Ridge, echoing comments from the hoff (does he read this blog?) and in a view I am tended to share, suggesting that Wiki was past his use by date - "Ruben quite simply can't keep up with the pace any more," Ridge told the readers of Sunday News. "It really pains me to say this, but there comes a time in a player's career when he has to sit back, take stock, and ask himself a simple question - am I still cutting the mustard?". Wiki on the other hand retorting that he was still doing his best for the club and that the "fire was still burning inside".

Notably Ridge also indicated he thought there was zero chance of the Warriors winning the title this year - fair comment and Ridge basically slams the whole squad as unfit, too big and not organised on defence. This is tough to take on two counts - one - because it is probably absolutely correct and two - Ridge was with the Warriors when they never even made the playoffs - this group of players have finished in the top four and played a home semi. So lets not fire Cleary and dump the squad wholesale just yet.


Dan said...

Mat - have got back from the game and to be honest like you I picked the doggies to win it comfortably - I though the whole "lets play it for the departing coach" would get them home - even though I think the doggies are a pretty ordinary team.

The one thing they do have is SBW - who was quite frankl;y superb in the first half - set up the tries with the flick and a great try saving tackle at the end of the first half. He is also a big big man -

Yes the warriors won - although it looked dodge with about 15 to go - to be honest they still look a few top players short. Tate still looks a little off the pace - he needs to come right and soon - your mate the Huntly hurricane - when Ropati returns I would but him to fullback - Shorland looks like a reasonable centre at the moment.

I also see that the warriors website came out defending Vatuvei - and I can report that the crowd holds its collective breath every time the ball goes his way - however he is the leading linebreaker this year so far. However the sooner Price gets back the better

Matt said...

Dan - great to see a Warriors win a game I had expected them to lose. Must have been a great atmostphere out at Mt Smart. Vatuvei is a bittle of double edged sword it seems - not at the same level - but Lomu-esque on attack and equally a liability on defence - does the cost benefit add up? Thanks for your feedback.