Saturday, April 19, 2008

Warriors capitulate to cowboys

I can cope with losses but pathetic blowouts I really tire of. Are the Warriors going to win a game away this year? If they can't they might as well not bother. Looks to me like all the Queensland teams are at an elite level this year - the Warriors however are not.

I watched Man U play Blackburn this evening, a win would have guaranteed the prem title they scraped a 1-1 draw in the final minutes with a Tevez header. A pretty important goal and an important point leading into the crunch match vs Chelsea with a three point lead. Man U play Barca away, Chelsea away and Barca at home all in a period of 7 days starting Wednesday.

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Dan said...

Watched the game last night after football - I think it was the try just before halftime that killed the game - up until then the warriors were in the game - they did not look like winning it but they were there or there abouts!

The halfs last night were rubbish -nothing looked like happening from witt and rovelli - perhaps Ropati to five eigth - fien to 7 and henderson to start at 9?. We got the Aussie commentary last night - with Gordon Tallis and it was interesting to hear their slant on the warriors - Tallis had big wraps on Ropati -as do I.

As for Tate - i did not reaslise that we purchased a champion centre - who spends so much time at dummy half -