Friday, June 02, 2006

Objective analysis

Well as Lockyer and the Broncoes loom on the horizon I comfort myself with the thought that the Warriors have always tended to treat the Broncoes as a special case, as a game in which they lift their performance to match the team that has a been a benchmark for quality and consistency for so long. If this doesn't happen this week it could be dire.

On a slightly more constructive note I thought as Clearly Year one progresses it might useful to assess his performance as coach objectively in the context of the warriors past history.

I have prepared a quick spreadsheet charting essentially the win loss record of each coach/ownership/CEO combination in warriors history from 1995 - 2006. I note this is derived from data available online so if you spot any discrepancies let me know. The 2006 stats are to date.

Year Coach Owner CEO W L D Win % Table Playoffs
1995 Monie ARL Robson 13 9 0 59.09% 10th none
1996 Monie ARL Robson 10 11 1 45.45% 11th none
1997 Monie/Endacott ARL MacGowan 7 11 0 38.89% 7th none(SL)
1998 Graham Tainui+Lowe McKewen 9 15 0 37.50% 15th none
1999 Graham Tainui+Lowe McKewen 10 14 0 41.67% 11th none
2000 Graham Tainui/Watson McKewen 8 16 2 30.77% 13th none
2001 Anderson Watson Watson 12 12 2 46.15% 8th qualifying final
2002 Anderson Watson Watson 17 7 0 70.83% 1st grand final
2003 Anderson Watson Watson 15 9 0 62.50% 6th semi-final
2004 Anderson/Kemp Watson Watson 6 18 0 25.00% 14th none
2005 Kemp Watson Watson 10 14 0 41.67% 11th none
2006 Cleary Watson Scurrah 4 7 0 36.36% 14th none

Now the big news on glancing at this table is that in spite of the points deduction negatively impacting on Cleary's table position his win-loss percentage is the third worst of the warriors ever. What is also interesting is that the warriors have only ever had three seasons above a 50% win percentage - what ESPN would call - "a 500 team". I am slightly surprised to discover that the original 1995 warriors were a 500 team and in fact had the third best winning percentage - only topped by the 2002 and 2003 warrriors.


Hamiltd said...

FIrst I would like to say that your dad would be proud of you with your Statistical knowledge - and that this table points out just how amazing that run to the Grand Final was - heady years that have since passed us - look at all the players that were sold just after that - Motu Tony etc etc - the squad had real depth - not only real flash players but a lot of people who were excellent journey men.- allegedly under the salary cap as well. Since then the Warriors have gone away from the throw it anywhere football mentality and replaced those players with solid journeyman and those X players have lost confidence eg Toopi, Jones etc. Potential blog topic - worst warriors players ever - I go to the Pumpo class at Les Mills at 6 in the morning and every morning I see Mark Carter there - it is all I can do to stop myself from yelling at him and telling him he was the worst thing ever to happen at the warriors

Pdiddy said...

You know dan this Mark Carter reference has left me stumped. I think the idea of worst warriors ever is a great idea - would be a close run and hard fought comp - we shall open the nominations soon. However unfortunately I don't even remember this guy Mark Carter existing. Apparently google shares the same view as the only hits I am getting is the statement on the warriors website that he and Mark Ellis were both recruited to the Warriors from the All Blacks in 1996. Feel free to fill us all in as you clearly have some residual anguish that is reinforced my your regular sightings of the man. Also can't find any references to "Pumpo" on google either,if you could elaborate that would be appreciated.

knob said...

Well isn't that always the way - five minutes after stating I can't find a thing out about the man I find something. Here is the Mark Carter profile from All

"Frustrated that he was being continually ignored at All Black level, Carter switched to the Warriors and played league with mixed success during the 1996 season"

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