Sunday, July 08, 2007

Join the Black Parade

Well apologies are due once again - my work and life is such at the moment that daily posting just isn't going to happen. I will try and update the blog once a week but I really don't want this blog to die so if there is a keen bean out there who would like to be contributor of posts to the blog if they would like to contact me maybe we can keep this baby alive a little longer even when I am otherwise occupied.

With that boring house keeping out of the way without further ado let us wallow in the irritating 18-12 loss to the Cowboys which sounds a lot like a game the Warriors could have or should have one - particularly with a try disallowed by video that sounds like complete BS.

The table may be compressed but I would have to say to make the playoffs now the boys have to win most of their remaining eight games. Beating the cowboys would have been a big help and got us into the eight this week but we can't cry anymore over spilt ball.

Run home is as follows, with current table rankings of opposition teams alongside:

Round 18 - Sun, Jul 15 (2.00pm) -Dragons (H) - 13th

Round 19 -Sun, Jul 22 (2.00pm) - Tigers (A) - 5th

Round 20 -Sat, Jul 28 (7.30pm) - Knights (H) -12th

Round 21 -Sun, Aug 5 (2.00pm) - Roosters (A) - 15th

Round 22 -Sat, Aug 11 (7.30pm) -Titans (H) - 8th

Round 23 -Aug 17-20 - Raiders (A) -14th

Round 24 -Aug 24-27 - Manly (H) -2nd

Round 25 - Aug 31-Sep 3 - Panthers (A) -16th

Warriors sit on 16 points with 8 games to play. My std playoff cut-off of 28pts would require six further wins (or seven wins to make 30pts for certainty). Maybe the boys can get away with five wins in this compressed table but its still tough. If they beat all the teams currently ranked below them (10th) that is five wins and that should be seen as the absolute minimum requirement for the balance of this season. Titans at home is also a winnable game and that would give them six wins and probably get us to the playoffs. So go out and get it peeps!

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Matt said...

Newsflash - Anderson has resigned as coach of the Roosters and will be succeeded by coach in waiting Brad "Freddy" Fittler. Pretty cool really.