Sunday, July 22, 2007

rush of blood to the head

Remain calm Warriors fans. We are not in the finals yet. But it looks good after a great win over the Tigers away from home with a display of form in adverse conditions, and with unfavourable referring. This is a good sign - when the team can win under pressure, away and without having fifty fifty calls going their way. Jonah was in the dressing room after the game - apparently he is a big fan and helped the team through their horror run of six losses.

Warriors now stand sixth, with even a chance at fifth if the Eels beat the Broncoes by 14 or more points on Monday night.

The NRL table looks something like the English football premiership with Manly and Melbourne off in a world of their own and all the others around the same points. With the Brisbane game pending on Monday, the Warriors now sit equal on 20 points with three teams in the 5 -8 spots all just seperated on point diff, those teams are: Brisbane, Dogs and Tigers.

Eels and Cowboys stand just one win ahead in 3rd and 4th on 22 points.
So its a very interesting run home indeed, every game remains crucial as one loss could see the boys drop right out of the eight. I still think they need four wins from six games to qualify for sure. Insane as it may seem - a couple of further wins could see the boys qualify in the top four so the season is on a knife edge - its hard to get bored with this but I could do without the nervous tension.
The Warriors' form seems to be coming on at just the right time so lets keep that ball rolling and for gods sake those of you in Auckland please attend the last few home games. Only three remain - Knights (Saturday 28 July, 7.30pm) , Titans (Saturday 11 August, 7.30pm) and Manly (weekend of 24-27 August). The first two of these games have got to be wins so f$$king turn up and the Manly game should be a smoker in Round 24 with the season likely to be on the line for the Warriors. Those of you who do attend can then post game reports on this blog.
Only bummer coming out of the game this week is the sending off - would be interested in your feedback on that - in particular what kind of further penalty do you think WadeMac might suffer - we need this guy to play all the games in the run home.

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Anonymous said...

M T you will love this dialog:

Wests Tigers went close to a reply after receiving their first penalty of the game after 36 minutes, but instead it was the Warriors who got on the board again before the break with Wairangi Koopu slam dunking the ball over the line following a Michael Crockett chip and chase down the right touchline.

I will get into it now - warriors on winning streak and I have a good feeling.

J Out