Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Work is so so so lame

Hello once again from the world of my office - its after midnight and I am stuck in a feedback loop of email proposals and counter-proposals. Comments on the draft then comments on the comments then a markup of the comments. Its riveting.

But not as exciting as that massive steam explosion in NYC - woh that looks like a doozy - almost as good as the monster sized Brazilian plane crash the day before. Bad taste to make fun but seriously if you are going to be in a plane crash you hope you don't crash land across a major road into a petrol station.
Also something about the photo to the right is just really really special. I am still figuring out what that is but the essence is definitely there.

Anyway enough bitterness the Warriors are alive, alive I say! Its squeeky bum time as Sir Alex Ferguson might say - lets win every game for the next five games and let the other teams sweat to make the playoffs. Sweet as.
I also note that Ma'a Nonu is most likely not in the All Blacks world cup squad - what up? I am clearly missing something here but has Nonu fallen from grace? I know he's not got great ball skill but he does provide a lot of "impact" off the bench?


hoff said...

Still reading matty, keep up the good work.

Dunno what happened with the warriors, couldn't score to save themselves but now they look a lot better with rovelli/witt in there and gatis stealing quick metres. hohaia at centre was just a bad joke and im glad this has been put to bed.

i'll be tipping the warriors in almsot all of their remaining games - i reckon they can do it.

Matt said...

I hope your right hoff - great to know you are still reading