Sunday, July 15, 2007

Warriors are alive

Well the Warriors are back in the top eight. After all my doom and gloom if the Warriors continue to win this way they have a shot at making the playoffs and maybe lasting beyond week 1.

That said being in the top eight now does not automatically mean the boys can stay in the top 8 without winning virtually every remaining game. The teams 3rd-8th are very close and those teams below the Warriors aren't that bad either. So a very interesting run home remains.

Next game Tigers away - as always a seemingly winnable game - however Tigers have climbed to 6th on the table on the back of some decent form and rank ahead of the Warriors on wins - not just points difference. This week however the Tigers got blown out by Manly 34-4 so the Warriors have to beleive they can win this and continue to build the momentum into the playoffs.

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