Thursday, August 09, 2007


What is this story? Crocket is some sort of alleged sex related scandal? This franchise is always psychologically fragile - this is a disaster at this stage of the season!

The story is already in circulation and Crockett has denied the allegations. Quote: "Sydney newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported that sexual assault claims had been made against an unnamed NRL player.
The Telegraph said a woman made a complaint to police in the inner city suburb of Redfern early on Monday.
It is understood the player allegedly met the woman while out with teammates, the paper said.
The pair were believed to have left the group some time before the woman went to the station to complain that she had been sexually assaulted."

This the follow up story - nothing new here - other than a new Latu brain explosion. Anyway Crockett is out of this weekend's game vs the Titans. Patrick Ah Van will play instead.


thehoff said...

Don't worry, Ah Van is a more than capable replacement. I'm still worried about the centres though, the sooner we get Tate in there the better.

Can anyone else understand why they let Gatis go? They should have let Hohaia go. Hohaia has consistently disappointed and never lived up to his promise and now holds down a permanent spot in premier grade. Whereas Gatis has been a consistent starter and outperformed Fien in dummy half running and setting up plays all year.

Matt said...

Ah Hoff - very good to see your comments on the blog - keep it going!

As for Hohaiha I thought this would be his comeback year but instead it seems to be another lost season for the little big man. Perhaps too many evenings standing staunch next to the bar staring blankly into space? I don't know he's had injuries? Having not seen alot of league this year I don't know how Cleary has been using HiHo this season, if at all.

Gatis does seem a bit strange to drop - he's a cheap utility that would have been worth keeping on the books.

A question for you Hoff (and the other readers out there) - how has Wairangi Koopu gone this year? Is he no longer a starter?

thehoff said...

koopu was injured for most of the season and has been playing off the bench the past 6 or so rounds. Nothing spectacular coming off the bench, but a hugely solid player. Again, we are blessed to have such a strong bench at the moment. It would be very hard for Koopu to force his way into the starting team, he will have to wait for injury or lack of form.