Thursday, August 30, 2007

Warriors in the playoffs Hooray!

Hello again - what can I say - Warriors back in the playoffs for the first time since the Anderson era. Feels good doesn't it! A win against Penrith and a top four spot with a home semi the following week - you lucky Auckland residents - better start queuing for tix at the Mad Butcher now! I officially announce that unrestrained gushing over the Warriors can begin. This team looks like they may have what it takes to go to the grand final.
Anyway I watched the highlights of the Manly game on TV3 website - you have got to love Wairangi Koopu - as I understand he has been injured for a large proportion of this season but I would have to say he is about my favourite all time Warriors player. Well maybe him and Mr Effective and Tookey.

Anyways Penrith game should be a win - if the Warriors want to go to the grand final they should consider this game a qualifying final and bag that top four spot which will give them a bye in the second week of the playoffs.

First round playoffs will likely be a tough match but a home game makes it much more likely to be a win. Keep me up to date with your texts.

Also I never heard from the Wellington Warrior re his trip to Auckland for the Manly game - did it all happen in the end bro? I recall on your last trip your airline went bust at the crucial moment and you had to buy a substitute plane ticket.

As an aside I note Andrew Johns has indicated he has been on drugs. This is a pretty strange story - first of all he manages to get busted in possession whilst in London and then goes on to admit to drug use "throughout his career" so as to escape from the high pressure as a player of his stature. It wouldn't surprise me if Johns has been on pretty heavy pain mediciation for much of the last ten years but why he would choose to make this kind of admission unprompted kind of escapes me.
Go the Warriors!


thehoff said...

It was an ugly ugly game. If I was a manly fan, I'd have been spewing. Ref and touchies had no idea yet again, and video ref was on another planet. Still, it goes in roundabouts, we've been on the other end of some horrific officiating this year.

The warriors have played some average football the past two weeks and the good feeling I had three weeks ago has disappeared faster than charlie up joeyjohns nose.

The warriors need to get back to basics. Good yards up the middle, support runners there for the offload. The flashy stuff feeds from that.

Logan Swann, if you are reading this, hold onto the fucking ball! Dont be such a fucking knob, you are a symptom of the bad old days and I thought you'd exorcised those demons for good. Please Logan, on defense, pick a man and tackle him. Make the effort to tackle someone, show some commitment! Also, if you are going to run to the line and just stop, maybe see if you can work on an offload, make the opposition think you are not just an easy tackle they can commit one tackler to.

Anyone else think they should put Mannering into second row, bulk him up a bit, and demote Swann to the premier league for good when Tate hooks up with the Warriors next year?

I know Mannering has his fans but he just doesnt seem dynamic enough to play centre.

Sad to see Gatis go, can't understand for the life of me why noone in the nrl saw his value.

Anyway spose I should go get fired up now, warriors ARE in the playoffs, fuck yeah!

Matt said...


Always great to see your comments on the blog. Only a few hours now till the moment of truth v penrith.

Well the game against manly may have been ugly and the Warriors may not have been at top form - but they won 36-14 anyway. doesn't that say something about the team? i.e. that they can win ugly without playing to their peak potential?

As for Logan Swann, he is from the Pedestrian school of forward play, defences know not to expect any variation in his hit ups.