Saturday, August 11, 2007

trash of the titans

Another great victory for the boys over the Titans 30-6 in front of a stunning turnout at Mt Smart of over 20,000!

Nothing to complain about here with Rovelli delivering a master class performance with three tries.

Warriors now stand 4th with the balance of the round pending on Sunday. 25 points in hand with three games left, Raiders and Panthers away and the Sea Eagles at home. I think the goal now should be to win all three of these games and storm into the top four or win two with a chance for the top four. Cowboys results will be crucial as for the last few weeks it looks like they could be our playoff week 1 opposition - either home if we finish 4th or away if we finish 5th.

Anyway this season is starting to look like the real deal. Consistency is key and if we can win both our remaining two away games it bodes very well for our playoff future.

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Matt said...

I have been studying the table further and it looks like the teams we really need to watch out for are the Cowboys, Eels and Dogs. One of these teams could be our semi final opponent and I ask you - which of these teams would you rather play?

I have also taken a look at the run home for each of these teams: Eels have got the Storm, Dragons and the Broncoes. Boys have got Dragons, Knights and Dogs. Dogs have got Broncoes, Storm and Boys.

So in fact all of these are broadly comparable with the Warriors run home - Dogs have got the toughest draw but Boys and Eels together with the Warriors have each got one hard game and two easier games. Cowboys have got the easiest of these "hard" games vs the Dogs. Let me know your thoughts.