Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bad boys

Following on from my thoughts below re this weekend's Broncoes side being potential ripe for the plucking - Bennet has announed that the Broncoes are playing an 18 year old at halfback this week - Joel Moon - who will apparently also handle the goal kicking duties. Grand final halfback Shane Perry has been asked to play five-eighth in Lockyer's absence. So Mr Moon who made his debut last week will be playing halfback and seems likely to assume the goalkicking duties with both Parker and Lockyer unavailable. Thats a lot of responsibility for an 18 year old in his second week in first grade. This has got to be a win for the Warriors - please don't blow it!
As an aside I note that this blog has had a dangerous tendency to actually focus on the Warriors as its subject matter lately so I thought I would open things up a bit by asking if anyone knows who this is?
And on a distasteful note does anyone NOT know who this is? Ugly story this.

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