Saturday, March 17, 2007

Warriors triumph in opener - 34-18 over Eels

It is such a great feeling to make the effort to crawl out of bed at 7.30am on a Saturday morning in London to see the Warriors up 24-0 with 35 minutes gone. All those fans who turned up at the ground deserve that kind of performance. Crowd of 13,587 is not too bad - but I know the team (and me) were hoping for over 15,000.

Awesome start to the season - lets keep it going!

Anyone who was at or watched the game please drop some feedback into the comments section of this post about your thoughts on a big first round win.


Charlton said...

Awesome to see (or hear and read) as I did not get the pleasure of seeing the game. Hey Matt, do you have pay tv you rich badstad (Christians are not suppose to swear). But please God Bless the NZ Warriors, as He does defending all of New Zealand.

God Bless and Defend for us all!

Matt said...

No pay TV in my flat Charlie - did not get watch the game - anyway Sky no longer have the rights to the NRL in the UK - now its on Setanta Sports network - so I might eventually get that

thehoff said...


this could well be the warriors year - I was mightily impressed with their effort first up. Make the sacrifice - get the pay tv.