Thursday, March 22, 2007

Golden Season 2007?

You know there is a really uplifting sensation around this Warriors side. This article quotes Hiho saying the camp has never been more stable or upbeat than in 2002. And frankly that is the season that I keep thinking back to. I mentioned late last year that the 2006 campaign could be seens as a parallel to the Anderson 2001 season when he took over the team - rebuilt it - and scraped them into the playoffs in eigth spot. This is exactly what would have happened last year but for the points deduction.

So we face 2007 and Cleary Year II is starting to look like a plausible successor to the 2002 golden season. He seems to have really built a platform here - a team that is balanced between style and consistency with a crew of solid young Australian recruits to grind it out and hopefully help us win some of those close games that we lost last year. I think dreaming of the minor premiership might be a bit ambitious - I mean we are only at Round 2 - but the top four is real possibility.

With all that said I remain worried whenever the Warriors are strong favourites - TAB has the Warriors at $1.50 to win - that is too short for my mind.

It would be nice to see a super talented NZ rookie emerge this year as well - ala - Hiho or Motu Tony in 2001-2002 - Simon Mannering can join this category - but a new 2007 kiwi rookie sensation would be great.

And finally foundation captain Dean Bell has rejoined the Warriors in a development role. I have nothing against Dean Bell - I am sure he can make a valid contribution to the club - however I would rather no reminder of the Warriors early years was kept at the club. Those seasons were nightmarish and guys like Bell profited hugely while the club went down the sinkhole. I recommend the book "Beleaguered - The Warriors From Dream to Nightmare" by Chris Mirams (if you can find a copy) and want some background on the excesses of this period. I don't want the kiss of death to land on this team this season.

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