Sunday, March 25, 2007

Warriors hammer Broncoes 24-14

This team seem to be almost like a self fulfilling prophecy at present - winning big again this week vs the Broncoes - 24-14. Melbourne up next away from home - another big game against a high level opponent.


Gingad said...

A good solid win over an injury depleted Broncos side - nothing too
spectacular occurred in the match - apart from the point scoring burst - and Crockett - looking a real good buy.

However I was concerned about the lack of a killer punch when the Broncs were on the ropes - and a dissapointing second half for the second week in a row - the first halfs do not seem to be a problem

But the Warriors look so more composed this year - I agree shades of the early 2000s.

Also I am looking at the other teams

- Melbourne - shite they looked good
- Souths - I preferred it when they get whupped each week - the warriors game against them will be great - salary cap investigation please!!!!- love the return of Peachy
-Cowboys - also looking good -

My surprise pick for the top four - Manly

PS - i have no idea who either of the league players in trouble are -what about Gower - wasnt he going to be taken to the cleaners if he brought the game into disrepute!

Matt said...


Cheers for your comments - am so glad to see the Warriors winning on a consistent basis - Storm should be a sterner test though.

Souths look like they may be real contenders - wouldn't a Warriors v Souths grand final be fun!

One of the players in trouble is an All Black not a league player. I have no idea who that is. The other is an ex-international league player. I know who that is.

thehoff said...

Goddamn those broncoes are big bastards. I'm picking theres a few sore and sorry warriors this week after that game.

I'll be tipping against the warriors this week though because of the bruising they received and I'm in agreement with the minger, the Storm are looking fearsome this year. Early money is on them to take the premiership.

All in all, I wasn't too disappointed with the warriors second half, they did enough to win which is what counts. They can work on the second half flatspot during the season.

Am impressed by the composure though. Early try against the warriors and yet it didn't phase them at all.

Contrary to all expectations, the warriors halves have been outstanding. Makes you wonder what the warriors could have been like over the past couple of seasons if they'd just let go of stacey jones earlier. Crockett too is looking better than webby. And this may sound crazy, but Tony Martin is looking really really good at centre, like origin material (ok im getting caught up here).

Stacey Jones = most over rated player ever. Except for perhaps benji marshall. Was always impressed with prince at the tigers and felt that Benji would be exposed if prince left. Just wait and see what happens over the course of the season. I know benji/jones have lots of fans out there so fire it up.

Well its been an exciting start to the season, I've watched as many games as I can which is a good sign that the league has been top quality. Flicked on to the rugby for a while *YAWN* Go the nrl! Go the mighty vodafone warriors! ("said in gravelly mad butcher tone")

I am very very surprised this all black assault case has made it to court. I know a cop or two and he wouldn't be the first ab to have a go at his missus, but the cops being called is usually where it ends. Have to see where this one goes.